Patrick Werle 
I am a poet, editor, designer, and writer living in South Minneapolis. I completed my MFA studies at Hamline University in December of 2017. From 2014 to 2017, I served as a Senior Editor with Poetry City, USA. After dropping out of high school, making a few failed attempts at college, and working for way too many years, I decided to leave my job of 18 years with a Natural Foods Co Op and make another attempt at school. During my first semester back, I rediscovered a love of Poetry thanks to a few really great Professors. I received my BA from Augsburg College with Honors and applied for MFA Programs. While at Augsburg, I served as an assistant editor and, later, as Poetry Editor for Murphy Square. Here is where I discovered a passion for editing. My story is convoluted, has more than a few missing days, and wanders all over the place. From moving around quite a bit to angry-punk-rock adolescence, never quite fitting in, a trip or two to the nervous hospital, and a few knocks to the I am, on the other side of it all. There is not much I haven't done or seen and this is what drives my poems. I live with my wife, two kids, and a dog. I find I am happiest in the throes of a poetry reading, sitting with headphones wrapped around my ears, or losing myself in strange and wandering conversations. Recently, I completed my first full collection of poems, ​Afterparty.

Publication & Performance
I am terrible at submitting my work. It always feels like such a strange hassle to get my work out there. That being said, I have poems and essays published in the following journals:

Big Bell
Murphy Square
Rock, Paper, Scissors
Gonzo Today
Poetry City, USA Vol. 4 and Vol. 6
Double Kiss: Stories, Poems & Essays on the Art of  Billiards,

I have performed my work, much more than publishing. It's more fun to read and get an audience reaction right away. Instant gratis, yes?

Maeve's Sessions
The Great Twin Cities Poetry Read 2014,2016, 2018
Cracked Walnut Reading Series
Poets & Pints
MSP at AWP Seattle, WA
The New Shit Show Minneapolis
St.Paul Almanac Reading Series
Rad Dads
and a whole bunch more I am forgetting....sorry about that.


I have experience in all aspects of editing for publication, including design and layout.

I have served on the following editorial boards, as both Assistant Editor and Senior Editor;
Murphy Square: Assistant Editor, Poetry 2013
                           Senior Poetry Editor 2014
Waterstone Review: Editorial Board, Poetry 2015
Poetry City, USA: Senior Editor 2014 to 2017
                                 Cover Designer 2014 to 2017

I have assisted in the editorial process for manuscripts by fellow poets and participated in several writing workshops in and outside of my MFA experience. 

I have working knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite, Submittable, and Print On Demand.

In addition, I have promoted and curated several Poetry events for the local community and for AWP off-site events.